Creativity, Innovation & Change – 11th September

Creativity today has become a ‘hot topic’ with sensible, smart companies. Also with hiring new employees, creativity has evolved from being a ‘nice bonus’ to an absolute prerequisite, certainly when there are management positions involved.

But how do you position creativity against two other concepts that are inextricably connected to it: Innovation and Change?

These are concepts that are often named in one breath and not seldom used interchangeably. That’s why it is important to get some clarity.

Let us start the event with this statement: “We need creativity to work on innovation, in order to bring about positive change. But we can also use creativity to control negative change.”

Events Squared are absolutely delighted that Rob Wilmot will be joining us to discuss creativity, innovation and change.

Rob will be talking about creativity, innovation and change – notably digital transformation. But there’ll be no theory.

Instead, he’ll be sharing personal stories and lessons learned from his varied and eventful career where he’s taken advantage of every paradigm shift in technology. From the rise of the personal computer and multimedia to kick-starting the internet industry in the UK, to building cloud-based services that are literally helping to change the world one idea at a time. You’ll be entertained and will leave thinking that anything is possible!

Rob’s background:

  • One of the youngest ever executive officers of an FTSE 100 company at the age of 28.
  • Founder & CEO Crowdicity: Idea Management Platform –
  • Non-Exec Director & Chair of the Technology and Digital Transformation Committee the Cabinet Office: Crown Commercial Service.
  • Entrepreneur in Residence, University of York. 

Joining us will be great line up of speakers, networking and nibbles 

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