Recap: Practical Uses of Augmented & Virtual Reality (AR/VR)

On the 15th October, we were treated to a fascinating evening exploring the current state of virtual reality (VR), augment reality (AR) and mixed reality (XR) in the marketplace.

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The keynote speaker, David Sime, brought his considerable experience to the room taking us on a journey through the development of media technology.  From the early days of the printing press, through to today’s immersive digital environments, it set the scene for the evening.  David then presented a wealth of examples of recent projects showing the benefits and the range of applications across sectors as diverse as VR in oil field training, to AR for evaluating solar panel sites.

I’m sure that everyone in the room was able to relate directly to at least one of the examples shown.

David’s practical uses presentation was followed by Liam Sorta, who  demonstrated some of the ways in which the AR, VR and xR technology has progressed.

David and Liam were joined on the panel by Automation Squared’s Anthony Stonham and Arik Freeman.  As with all the presentations, the panel Q&A was perhaps the most illuminating part of the evening, with a wide range of technical, application and philosophical topics being addressed.

The event concluded with networking and pizzas that were thankfully very real!

A few photos of the event

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